Manufacturing Services

With over twenty years in the manufacuring sector, we focus on maintaining strict quality control and on-time delivery, all while keeping pace with the electronics manufacturing industry‚Äôs constantly changing technology.  From product design through box build and test, we have the expertise and resources to move your products to market.

Our promise to our customers is to:

  • Engage you early in the process so your specifications are fully understood
  • Deliver product assembled per your specifications
  • Deliver product on-time and communicate clearly and often the status of your product
  • Price our services fairly and competitively
  • Always strive to exceed your expectations.


Focusing our people, our processes and our technology on the unique and specific customer requirements produces exceptional product every time. 

Call Maddyzack TODAY and let us help you take your ccompany or product to the next level.  434.797.1228